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Josephine Borrillo

#pharma and social media communities

http://Image by Maike und Björn Bröskamp from Pixabay

An important goal for #pharma should be community building on social media platforms. 

Communities bring people with common interests together

Communities allow for discussions and sharing of information

Communities allow for listening to the audience’s needs and interests

Communities can help separate you from the noise online

Engagement in online communities can be very high

is the digital world the best place for #pharma advertisements

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#pharma is it convenient to place your advertising on social media platforms? Sometimes #pharma ads can be irrelevant, repetitive, and overwhelming.

social media platforms are made for engagement, not for traditional advertising

a shift in technology has lead to a new definition of advertising – consumers today get to choose the content they want, when and where they want to see it

if you are thinking of placing ads then they best be short and to the point remember we live in an attention economy where time is a scarce resource

spend less on advertising and have more direct interaction with the consumer

engagement from your ads is a great opportunity to answer questions

#pharma understanding the attention economy

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#pharma do you understand what we mean by attention economy?

very simply put, it means getting attention on social media

attention on social media platforms is today a resource

people can pick and choose from so much content so work with the best content creators

because there is so much information, we skim through content

best place to grab one’s attention is on smartphones

the future of advertising for #pharma

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The consumer today does not want to be disrupted by a traditional TV ad on social media platforms. So what does the future of advertising look like for #pharma?

#pharma needs to create content that is trustworthy, transparent and accountable – aka less selling

#pharma needs to understand the consumer today wants to get content they want and when they want it

#pharma has to earn the consumer’s time and attention

#pharma needs to get creative with their content – what once worked on TV does not work on social media platforms

#pharma needs to invest and build a social media team within the company

covered by the noise, how can #pharma stand out

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Social networks are crowded and attention span per post is only a few seconds. How can #pharma break from the noise?

listen to the conversations taking place on social media platforms

track trending hashtags

if you can, consider rescheduling your content at a different time or day

images communicate better than words

consider posting your content on different social media platforms