#bigpharma understanding what is working on social media

#Bigpharma needs to adapt, evolve and use data to understand what is working and what is not. A social media audit is the best way to achieve this. Findings from an audit allow focusing resources and energy on what is delivering the best return.

Why do a social media audit?

  • It helps to uncover the gaps
  • It allows understanding where resources can get the best results
  • It provides actionable feedback to fine-tune your social media plan
  • Provides insights into your content with data and what is working and what needs to be modified

How is each social media platform performing?

  • Are you on the right platforms that deliver the right results
  • Are you analyzing audience demographics and interests
  • What kind or type of content are you sharing on the different platforms
  • Is your content right for your audience
  • Does your content resonate with your audience
  • How are you using your platforms

Are viewers more engaged with one platform compared to another?

  • Do certain posts perform better on different platforms
  • Which platform is more valuable to you
  • Which platform is your audience engaging more with you

Are you checking the tone of customer comments?

  • Are users interacting with you
  • Are they leaving comments, or direct messaging you
  • Are they happy or angry
  • Are you responding to negative and positive comments
  • What are average response rates and response times

Are you checking your profiles?

  • Shut down the ones that may not be popular
  • Focus your marketing on the more active ones
  • Are you checking for fake or unauthorized profiles