#bigpharma and Instagram takeovers

Instagram (IG) takeovers have been around for a while. It can add fun and uniqueness to your Instagram account. Should #bigpharma consider doing an IG takeover? I say yes!

What is an Instagram takeover?

  • Temporarily allowing *Instagramers* to take over an Instagram account and share content with their audience

Which kind of takeovers are there?

  • Full control of the account
  • Semi control of the account
  • Inviting external guests – for example, influencers
  • Being invited as a guest on another Instagram account
  • Takeovers can take the form of posts, stories, or go live

How can Instagram takeovers be applied to #bigpharma?

  • Have employees or colleagues on Instagram takeover company account
    • grows following, engagement, reach on Instagram
    • get an inside view of the company
    • for global companies great for worldwide perspectives
    • also adds variety to the account
  • Getting invited as a guest on another Instagram account (great way to reach a new audience)
  • Invite guests patient groups, HCPs in raising awareness for a common cause or disease awareness

Benefits of takeover?

  • Can be a valuable social media marketing strategy
  • Allows for individuals and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content
  • Allows for collaboration and partnerships
  • Can be fun

How to promote your takeover?

  • Announce on Instagram when takeover will take place
  • Announce on other social media platforms
  • Have guests do the same on their social media platforms