can #pharma work with influencers

The following article was shared on LinkedIn The latest Instagram influencer frontier? medical promotions, Big pharma is partnering with influencers to sell new drugs and medical devices. by Suzanne Zuppello got a lot of people commenting. In my opinion, #pharma should not work with influencers to promote their products. However, #pharma does not have an array of influencers within its own organization, that can help communicate the core values and success stories of the organization.

Employees are social media influencers

  • largest asset in any organization is it’s employees
  • it makes your company human
  • it also enables you to reach a broader and diverse audience
  • it can support engagement efforts

CEOs are social media influencers

  • a human being creating a human connection making you a better leader
  • it builds trust – people trust people
  • it builds authority – you become a thought leader in your sector

Company researchers are social media influencers

  • research is the core of your business communicate this to your audience
  • enables a platform of discussion and dissemination of research findings 
  • enables focus on impact of your research findings on impact of daily life

Company HRs (human resource) are social media influencers

  • allows to create contacts that a company may never have have come in contact with 
  • allows for increasing job posting visibility
  • allows for opportunities to come in contact with *passive candidates* (those not actively seeking)

Corporate is a social media influencer

  • it can be a very powerful executive voice
  • reflects and speaks your core corporate values
  • builds your reputation
  • great for customer service
  • allows for responding when being pulled into political and social causes