negative influencers and what #pharma needs to know

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

If you are a brand and you are on social media, there is no way you cannot avoid negative reviews and comments. How you handle them #pharma is critical.

Have a social media team in place

  • a social media team can provide a solution
  • a social media team can make sure to monitor social media platforms for latest comments
  • a social media team can respond to consumer complaints as soon as possible
  • a social media team, when necessary or if for a social media crisis, can seek input from other departments (for example legal, regulatory, senior management)

Be empathic (try to put yourself in their shoes)

  • people just want to be heard, the social media platforms are their outlets
  • listen to what they have to say
  • if necessary ask further questions

take it off line if necessary

avoid trolls

  • a troll is a negative influencer
  • trolls come along with being on social media platforms
  • make sure the complaint is legit, that is coming from a real person
  • never return fire with fire

biggest challenges today for marketing

  • the need to build strong relationships and to drive conversations, even with negative influencers
  • make sure to acknowledge the issues and concerns
  • learn and plan for the future