online movements highlights for #pharma

Image by analogicus from Pixabay 

The printing press in Europe allowed for wider distribution of ideas and information. Today social media platforms are the new means to reach the general public.

defining online movements

the internet provides democracy

  • social media platforms are the place for public discourse, exchange of opinions, comments and information
  • it means connecting people
  • it means citizen journalism versus traditional journalism
  • it means online movements
  • it means social causes


  • able to reach people faster
  • lower costs then traditional media methods
  • provides channels were people can be heard
  • can be accessed by mobile


  • not having access to a device, mobile device or internet
  • not having the skills and knowledge
  • censorship of platforms in certain geolocations
  • lack of trust of social media platforms
  • willingness not to search information online and to be on social media platforms

does one platform work better

  • all platforms can create a social movement
  • important is hashtag identifies the online movement:
    • #ThisISMyLane
    • #ThisIsOurLane
    • #boycottIngramAdverts
    • #epigate