people are now the media, pharma needs to adapt

Social media platforms have changed our way of communicating. We now live in a society of conversation and empowerment versus what was once a push of information. How can pharma adapt to a world where people are now the media?

question 1: what do we mean by the people are the media?

  • people control the narrative
  • people control the conversation
  • brands need to earn their place in the conversation

question 2: what role do the consumers play in this?

  • people are no longer passive
  • people today can create and contribute and even brand themselves
  • people can contribute with ideas
  • people can either block or share ads
  • people today relate to values and concerns of citizens

question 3: what role do platforms play in this?

  • technology and platforms enables everyone to become producers
  • it allows for people to share or block ads
  • it allows for crowdsourcing – ideas can come from anywhere
  • platforms are easy and free to access

question 4: what role could pharma play in this?

  • people are looking for a solution to problems, pharma can play an active role in solving someone’s problems
  • pharma can make a relationship with customers which is becoming a core competency of every brand

question 5: how can pharma adapt to this?

  • pharma has a huge opportunity to speak to people, not at people
  • pharma can be a part to solve problems, advertising does not solve problems
  • pharma needs to understand transparency is the new mandate, people hold brands accountable
  • pharma needs to stay ahead of the learning curve in understanding tools and platforms
  • pharma needs to be aware transformation may take time and their own bureaucracies may slow the evolution
  • pharma needs to invest in monitoring and measuring communications