#pharma and agency decoupling

#pharma organizations are witnessing a rapid growth of digital footprint. With this growth comes the the need to properly manage all digital assets (for example tagging). Many organizations today do not want agencies to own and manage their digital assets.

What is decoupling?

  • As defined by Merrian Webster Dictionary: to eliminate the interrelationship of: separate
  • Wiki: decoupling, in advertising, occurs when services that were previously subcontracted by¬† advertising agencies are purchased directly from supplier

Why is this such an important topic today?

  • Organizations today do not want agencies to own and manage their digital assets
  • Organizations need to know where their digital assets are and avoid waste of time trying to locate digital assets
  • Tracking of how assets are being used and commercial rights and payments

Some examples of digital assets?

  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Audio visual media
  • Presentations
  • Pdfs
  • Animations
  • Word documents
  • etc

Role of DAM (digital asset management) software?

  • DAM acts as a centralized digital library for managing digital assets
  • DAM allows for greater spend control by improving digital asset reuse
  • DAM allows for easy search, organize and edit of digital assets

Should you rely on DAM from your agency?

  • No, objective is to decrease the reliance on external agencies and increase control of your digital assets
  • What if you change agencies: DAM in house gives control of brand assets from advertising agencies
  • In house DAM, a must is to have in place a skillful workforce and expertise