#pharma and the need to creating unique pieces of content

Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay 

Question from #pharma: should I post more content? My answer: No, but do post more unique pieces of content.

what do we mean by unique content

  • it is original
  • it is creative
  • it helps to answer questions
  • it provides useful information
  • it engages

why do you need content to be original

  • if you want to grab attention then you have to be original
  • it enables people to discover who you are and what you do

so where should you start

  • your audience will tell you
  • what are they talking about
  • what are they commenting on your feed
  • are you answering their questions or needs

can repurposed-content be original

  • hell yes, just create more original content

are traditional #pharma ads considered original content

  • ask yourself are people stopping to read or engage