#pharma are you keeping an eye on new social media trends in engagement

Let’s take a look at how social media engagement has changed just within the last couple of years. #pharma are you on top of this?

Social media bypasses traditional media

  • Basically bypassing the broadcasters & mainstream media and filter bubbles
  • Therefore many people turning to social media for primary news source
  • Social media also enables content makers to publish their content again avoiding filter bubbles

Social media controls the news cycle

  • Audience can select information depending on their interests and values
  • Again bypassing the filter bubbles

Social media is more instantaneous

  • Which provides for instant engagement
  • More rapid information sharing
  • Instantaneous dissemination of news, images, audio, video and multimedia content
  • People upload photos/videos for people to view, read and comment on

Messages on social media are short and emotive

  • Thoughts expressed in 140 characters
  • #Hashtags are important and allow to follow information of interest
  • Emotions also bring people to share or interact on social media

Social media encourages people to speak their minds

  • It provides a two way conversation
  • Allows people to express themselves in ways that were not possible before
  • People’s voices are no longer lost
  • People are not afraid to share what they really think and feel