#pharma did you know women dominate influencer marketing

One of the most interesting aspects of influencer marketing today is that it is dominated by women. What can #pharma learn from this phenomenon.

What is influencer marketing?

  • It is a collaboration between a brand and an influencer
  • In a nutshell influencers use products, give authentic and honest reviews and receive audience feedback
  • Being an influencer is a profession today

Why are women leading the pack of influencers?

  • Social media loves personal stories and women are more likely to share personal stories
  • Women are the vast majority of users on social media platforms
  • Biggest categories for influencers are fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle and travel – biggest users within these categories are women

Women influencers and content, what can we learn?

  • High posting rates (up to several times a day)
  • Content is highly curated and professional
  • Women influencers are obsessed with quality more than a schedule

How do women influencers build a community?

  • Valuing engagement more than metrics
  • Being authentic
  • Being transparent
  • Being who you are
  • Creating personal connection with their audiences

How do women influencers build their brand?

  • By showing passion for what they do
  • Asking yourself why do you want to tell a story
  • Asking yourself why are you the person to tell this story
  • By being authentic
  • Creating high quality content, photos and videos