#pharma getting inspiration from your followers

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

To stand out and grab attention in a noisy social media world you need to be creative. One way #pharma can get more creative with their content is to let your followers inspire you.

Start by listening

  • what is your audience talking about
  • what problems do they need solved
  • what questions are they asking
  • ask questions yourself

Start by following hashtags

  • hashtags create a sense of community
  • hashtags go with new photos or videos
  • hashtags help you stay up to date on topics your audience is interested in
  • hashtags work better on some platforms than others

Start by following where discussions are taking place

  • tweetchats
  • forums
  • comments
  • reviews
  • groups
  • trending hashtags

Start by what seems to be working with other #pharma companies

  • find out what kind of content is trending
  • what are followers saying about your competitor
  • how are they building a relationship with followers
  • are your followers getting the information they need from some else
  • which content gets the most engagement

Try experimenting with UGC (user generated content)

  • develop a modelĀ 
  • test the hypothesis or model
  • if successful then add as part of content strategy
  • always monitor and analyze what your audience is saying