#pharma how do you consume content

Image by ma13gann from Pixabay 

#pharma how do you consume your content? Well then think of the content you produce and how you want your followers to consume your content.

what is content consumption?

  • basically how your online followers/audience read and interact with your content

who creates your content?

  • content marketing team(s):
    • team of content marketers, 
    • content creation resources, 
    • measuring if content is effective,
    • cross-channel integration
  • user-generated content marketing (UGC = user-generated content):
    • content created by your followers,
    • patient,
    •  physicians,
    • users online
  • advertising agency:
    • just recycle what you do on TV on social media platforms

do you create long or short-form content?

  • short is what content creators refer to as *snack-able* probably the best  for accessing content via mobile
  • long content for reading more in-depth

what pisses you off about the content you consume?

  • clickbait
  • spam
  • suggested recommendations
  • useless information

so how can you get people to read your content?

  • be an influencer 
  • be as social as you can
  • engage on social media platforms
  • create content with users (think patients and  UGC)
  • produce excellent content