#pharma needs to be thinking like a media company

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

When big #pharma came to be there was no social media. In today’s digital age #pharma needs to have a social media mentality and to think like a media company.

what do we mean to be a media company

  • revenue is essentially based on audience

revenue is essentially based on audience

  • build interest on what your audience wants to see
  • are you helping them to solve a problem
  • remember it’s not about you

content marketing strategy and creating a connection are vital

  • are you giving value back to your audience
  • continue to give customers value before asking for something in return
  • create genuine and original content that is useful to them

just don’t be the commercial

  • don’t sell me something rather tell me about it, write about it
  • content does not have to be product-related
  • try to humanize your brand
  • you know viewers can opt-out of ads online

lots of competition

  • newsfeeds travel so fast, you need to be interesting to grab attention
  • remember to always ask yourself *would I share this with my followers*
  • learn from others/brands that have been successful
  • show true commitment and have a budget and the right people with expertise in-place