#pharma needs to grasp the power of UGC

Marketing is changing. Today the power is shifting to the consumer, deciding what they want to consume and where and how they want to consume content. How can #pharma grasp the power of UGC (user-generated content).

What is UGC (user generated content)

Why is UGC important in marketing today

  • It is trusted more than traditional advertising
  • It is more authentic 
  • People trust people

What are some of the challenges for #pharma for using UGC

  • Regulatory and legal
  • The need to have a team in place that will monitor, track and engage
  • Requires a different approach in order to succede in this field
  • Agility and speed and are important in order to grab consumer attention
  • For a traditional large organization democratization of content is challenging because they are used to a more controlled advertising and messaging

How can #pharma over come the challenges

  • Publish a content policy
  • Let the audience know what is allowed and what is not
  • Seek permission in using UGC
  • Acknowledge and give credit

A priority for #pharma and for a successful UGC campaign

  • Have a team in place
  • Make sure the team is organized and assigned specific tasks:
    • Create a UGC campaign
    • Track UGC campaign
    • Engage with your UGC audience – once people start to engage someone needs to respond
  • If needed make adjusts to UGC campaign
  • Make sure it all happens with authenticity

Running a UGC campaign, points to keep in mind for #pharma

  • Listen to your audience:
    • What are they talking about
    • What is relevant to them
    • What do they care about
    • What problem are they trying to solve