planned authenticity is it for #pharma

In their book LikeWare: The Weaponization of Social Media and in their interview P.W Singer and Emerson T. Brooking talk about planned authenticity. What is planned authenticity? Is it something that #pharma can learn from? If yes, then how can they use it?

Definition of planned authenticity?

  • According to P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking authors of LikeWare: The Weaponization of Social Media: planned authenticity is personally engaging with followers, fans, or audience but doing it in a manner that the world is watching with the double goal of 1) mass scale broadcast and 2) creating an immediate one on one 
  • It is about being real online

Who using planned authenticity?

  • Taylor Swift
    • She isn’t fake, she harnesses the power of online authenticity
    • She scrolls through her IG feed learning about the lives of fans and tapping into meaningful comments
    • She even coined her hashtag #Taylurking
    • Comments from Swift are real: driver’s license, breaking up with  boyfriend

How does it work?

  • Need to understand your audience
  • Need to listening to your audience and what they are talking about online
  • Need to engage with your audience

Would it work for #pharma?

  • People (employees) make up the #pharma organization
  • Employees are real people that can engage with people online
  • Employee advocacy #pharma’s biggest asset encourage them to connect with people online

What can #pharma learn from this?

  • Are your messages really having an impact and creating connections with your audience
  • People want to connect with people that are authentic and real
  • Online audience can spot content, people and brands that are not authentic