recognizing social media opportunities

Image by Kirill Averianov from Pixabay 

Social media may be a challenge for #pharma, but it can also open many opportunities. Is #pharma taking advantage of them? 

Employee advocacy

  • employees are probably already are on social media platforms
  • it makes your company human
  • it enables you to reach a broader audience
  • employees are real people that can engage with real people online

CEO advocacy

  • a CEO is a human being creating a human connection online
  • a CEO can use the platforms to become thought leaders
  • a CEO cannot lead behind closed doors anymore

Online hiring/ recruiting

  • it allows for creating contacts 
  • it allows to show your company culture
  • it allows for engagement and conversation with people

Monitoring social media in real time

  • social media platforms are 24/7
  • need to keep watch for negative sentiment / or positive sentiment
  • keep up with what is trending

Hashtag activism

  • it raises awareness to causes that have been neglected
  • it is a potential for global participation
  • it is the new form of advocacy