role of social media strategist in #bigpharma organization

Social media is no longer considered an add-on. For a lot of companies, it is a critical component of the traditional marketing mix. #Bigpharma needs to view that social media and social media team are strategic for company success. Today I want to focus on the social media strategist, a new role for #bigpharma.

Who is the social media strategist?

  • Social media strategist designs the strategy that will help achieve company goals
  • Social media strategist is empowered to innovate
  • Social media strategist lays out the social media roadmap for the future
  • Social media strategist is aware of current trends on the social media platforms

How are social media strategists different from social media managers?

  • Social media strategists play a role where decisions are made at the strategic level on various platforms
  • Social media strategists ensure that content direction is in line with overall goals and strategy
  • Social media strategists have more of a strategic role rather than a tactical one

What is the social media strategist responsible for?

  • Leading and formalizing the social media strategic plan
  • Working together with other departments, teams, internal stakeholders to develop a social media strategy
  • Reviewing analytics with the social media analyst
  • Understanding how the brand is performing online
  • Monitoring competitors and social media trends

Is #bigpharma prepared to have a social media strategist?

  • Unfortunately much is delegated to agencies
  • Few people within #bigpharma actually and exclusively are dedicated to social media
  • There are rarely (if none) social media teams in place

What should #bigpharma look ahead to?

  • Social media strategists should be part of a social media team and aligned with all other departments and teams
  • Social media must become a core competency of the company and not just an add-on
  • You must have in place a social media strategy or roadmap
  • Start building a social media expertise in-house