social media democracy and what does it mean for #pharma

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabayh

Social media platforms have become the public place for public discourse and exchange of opinions, comments and information. What does this mean for #pharma.

What do we mean by social media democracy

focuses on the empowerment of individual citizens and promotion democratic ideals through the spread of information

It means connecting people

  • social networks have broken down the barriers
  • social media is a virtual public platform where people can be heard and share information
  • it allows for an open and collaborative networking

It means citizen journalism versus traditional journalism

  • citizens are news producers
  • citizen journalism is not filtered when compared to traditional news media which is edited
  • citizen journalism can have an active role in movements
  • citizen journalism and mainstream media can build relationships and work together

It means online movements

  • #ThisIsMyLane 2018
  • the NRA (National Rifle Association) told doctors to *stay in their lane* doctors created a viral movement in response

It means social causes