social media reveals your personality #pharma

Image by Günther Schneider from Pixabay 

Hey #pharma you may be revealing more about yourself than you think on social media.  Below are some questions to think about.

How do you connect with others communicates the type of relationship you want

  • are you creating an intimate relationship
  • are you creating a network
  • are you just looking for followers
  • are you taking part in social causes if called into action
  • are you responding to positive comments
  • are you avoiding negative comments

Are you painting an inaccurate image of who you are

  • painting your life to be perfect
  • things you are doing right
  • everything is amazing
  • only posting the good

Do you reveal your values

  • what do you believe in
  • what are your beliefs
  • what are your values

How about employee advocacy

  • is it only management
  • is it only select employees
  • is your CEO active on social media platforms, or hiding behind closed doors

Are you creating *unique* and useful content

  • are social media platforms just an add on
  • still advertising your TV ads on social media platforms
  • still same old agency cookie cutter marketing messages
  • have you considered using user generated content (UGC)