some thoughts about kid influencers

Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay 

Could kid influencers one day collaborate with #pharma?

why kid influencers

  • social media is a big part of their life
  • they get how social media platforms work
  • some are doing it for the experience (for example making and editing videos)

parents are behind the kid influencers

  • there is a high level of parent involvement
  • parents are usually the ones working behind the scenes
  • kids can complete the package, where parents are already influencers

ethical concerns

  • audiences do not like to see kids used for profits
  • appropriate age would be teenager
  • cyberbullying is a concern
  • there is a need for more legal protection regarding:
    • earnings
    • work permits
    • limit of working hours
    • work not interfering with education

what are the benefits

  • they are authentic
  • they are likable
  • kids have a huge effect on online content creation
  • two audiences: children and parents, they view the same videos
  • kids can change how other kids feel about themselves (for example mental health, rare diseases)
  • they can also encourage other kids in the right direction if heading down the wrong path

Some famous kid influencers

  • the Parkland kids @AMarch4OurLives
  • Greta Thunberg @GretaThunberg