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Taking your audience behind the scenes (BTS) can be thought of as another form of content. Remember organizations always need content that provides value. However, BTS content can be very powerful. BTS is probably the only type of content that creates a sense of intimacy with your organization.

Why take your audience behind the scenes?

  • It creates intimacy
  • It creates a larger more engaged audience
  • It is a way of reaching a new audience
  • It is an essential component towards building a relationship with your audience

Why is behind the scenes so effective?

  • It makes you human
  • People connect with people
  • It gives you exclusivity
  • People love to see the details
  • Makes people feel special, makes them feel important and they have an exclusivity

Which is the best platform for behind the scenes content?

  • Instagram stories – they disappear within 24 hrs
  • Snapchat great for connecting with younger audience (for example, think young audience = think girls = think STEM)
  • LinkedIn with video feature is good too – just keep it under 2 minutes
  • Twitter – probably images work best here since the feed scrolls so very fast

What are some ideas for behind the scenes with pharma?

  • Headquarters and what does it look like inside? Include your CEO.
  • Putting together a symposium? Show how you decide on the topics? Speakers?
  • Getting ready for a conference? A teaser for your stand would be fun
  • Research, research, and research
  • Show your team behind the scenes – teams working together on patient leaflets for example
  • Working on something new? Give your audience a sneak peek.
  • Interview someone live – for example, interviews with the scientists, or why not CEO, or colleagues
  • Take us somewhere – your research centers for example

How many times should you use or post behind the scenes content?

  • There is no magic number
  • If certain kinds of BTS are more responsive or engaging then others than go with those
  • If not engaging try a different BTS idea
  • Ask your community for thoughts/ideas