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are chatbots a fit for #bigpharma

There is a lot of noise around using chatbots to get things done. Are chatbots a fit for #bigpharma?


What are chatbots?

Advantages of using chatbots?

  • It is like chatting with a live person
  • Available 24/7
  • Can simultaneously have many conversations with many people, whereas humans can only communicate with a human at a time
  • Replaces calling, some people prefer to text rather than calling

Why should pharma care about chatbots?

According to Business Insider :

*the combined user base of the top four chat apps is larger than the combined user base of the top four social networks. Chat apps also have a higher retention and usage rates than most mobile apps. Finally, the majority of their users are young, an extremely important demographic for brands, advertisers and publishers.*


There’s the elephant in the room, what about adverse events? Some suggested solutions could be the following:

  • A chatbot can be set up to identify keywords or mentions, which can then be forwarded and handled by a live person and sent onward to the pharmacovigilance group
  • #Bigpharma will need to step their game and monitor their own social media and online communities so as to capture adverse events

Some potential use of chatbots for pharma?

  • Making appointments between sales reps and physicians
  • Corporate news bulletins
  • Clinical trials update
  • Clinical trials recruitment information
  • Customer service
  • One pharma company launching their chatbot