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transfer of knowledge for #bigpharma with the help of the community manager

In a previous post I covered the role and responsibilities of the social media community manager. One key responsibility of the social media community manager is the transfer of knowledge from the outside to the inside of an organization. Why is this information important for #bigpharma? And why should #bigpharma invest in this role?

What kind of information can social media provide?

  • ideas
  • experience
  • opinions
  • knowledge
  • resources
  • trending topics

Why the social media community manager?

  • knows the audience very well, because they are interacting with them on a daily basis
  • understands the needs and preference of users
  • knows what is trending online
  • knows what is working and what is not working
  • understands the analytics
  • responds to questions
  • tracks results
  • monitors trends

Social media community manager and social media reports?

  • puts together regular / if not daily reports
  • reports on social media campaigns
  • reports to asses the information / performance against identified benchmarks
  • provides regular / daily high level information about communications and metrics

Which tools can be used for the reporting?

  • screenshots
  • reporting tools that come with social media platforms, such as Facebook activity logs
  • third party reporting and monitoring tools
  • analytic tools like Google analytics

How can the information be used for refining your social media strategy?

  • encourages community relationships
  • helps in crafting responses
  • checks which content works
  • gathers ideas for future content¬†