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#bigpharma and those stock photos

#Bigpharma your audience knows your content so well. Ok, so creating engaging content is not that easy, but at least try something different.


Are you creating content to engage with your audience?

  • Are you trying different kinds of content
  • Does your content trigger a response
  • Do you get a positive or a negative response to your content
  • How do you respond, or do you respond to both negative and positive responses to your content
  • Are you creating *ego* content or value content
  • Is all about *you* and self-promotion content
  • Are you creating authentic content
  • Are you treating topics that your audience cares about

Is #bigpharma creating quality content?

  • Are you asking yourself *What do you want to accomplish with your content?*
  • Are you sharing useful information
  • Are you educating
  • Is it of value to the audience
  • Does it answer questions your audience is asking
  • Does it help to solve a problem

Is your content effective?

  • Are you experimenting with different kinds of content
  • Are you measuring what is working and what is not working
  • Are you creating content with intent
  • Is your content engaging in a positive way
  • Which social media platforms work best for your content
  • Do you have a content strategy

Do you have a content strategy?

  • Is social media still being considered by #bigpharma as a nice to have or even worse, as an *add-on*
  • Social marketing and content strategy needs to become a core competency
  • Cross-functional teams need to be in place

Is your content human?

  • Trying going beyond traditional advertising campaigns
  • Align your content with what interests your audience
  • Show your audience that your organization is made of people, not just a corporate template
  • Be humble

what does social media advertising look like for #bigpharma

Ok, so social media was born to be social and not for advertising. But many companies are using social media for social media advertising, that is paid content on a social media platform. What should social media advertising look like for #bigpharma?

What are some of the benefits of social media advertising?

Some important factors to keep in mind of social media advertising?

  • Select carefully your social media platform – do the demographics match your message
  • On which social media platform is my audience
  • Which social media platform is your audience most engaged
  • Always be testing and watch for different ad formats on each platform
  • Balance advertising with organic, not paid, content
  • Design ads with mobile in mind

How do you measure social media advertising?

  • Track which posts resonate better with your audience
  • Are you measuring impressions or engagement
  • Track the ads being clicked, liked, shared or commented

Developing a social media advertising strategy?

  • Don’t run the same ad on different platforms – different platforms different formats
  • On tv repeating the same ad works whereas on social media fresh and engaging advertising works
  • Build company brand awareness by teaching and informing people
  • Have a budget in place
  • Don’t forget mobile

So what does social media advertising look like for #bigpharma?

  • Less traditional advertising ads and more original content
  • More on science, research, patient needs, clinical trials, disease awareness
  • More social media employee advocates, this is the best promotion for any organization
  • More live streaming on disease awareness and research
  • If you are patient-centric and going beyond the pill, then embrace social media platforms for real-time customer service, for example, GSK Response Center @GSK_ResponseCtr