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hashtag activism

hashtag activism

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

#pharma, hashtag activism is the new form of advocacy.

What is hashtag activism?

  • Hashtag activism is a term coined by media outlets which refers to the use of Twitter’s hashtags for Internet activism.

Why hashtag activism?

  • it is user generated
  • it can control the narrative
  • it raises awareness to causes that have been neglected
  • it is a potential for global participation

What is the potential impact of hashtag activism?

  • it can break through the noise
  • it can dominate a discussion
  • it is great for visibility
  • a lot of engagement is what will make it trending
  • it is the new form of advocacy 
  • a call to action can take place
  • it can bring awareness to a given issue

What constitutes a successful movement if it starts as a hashtag? 

  • one example in the healthcare field was #ThisISMyLane
    • doctors were for the first time vocal around gunshot wounds and what they face every day

Does it lead to change?

  • social media platforms are a tool that can support the larger goal for activists
  • it has the ability to bring together liked minded people, to connect and organize events
  • hashtags are being used to inform and take action