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social media listening and privacy for #bigpharma

People like to share things on social media and data analytics from social media listening helps #bigpharma, and companies in general, understand the consumer better. But has there been a breach of trust?

Is #bigpharma listening to what you are saying online?


  • On native platforms
  • Through a third-party tool, to analyze large volumes of data
  • Through agencies, if #bigpharma lacks the tools needed to scale monitoring efforts

What does #bigpharma usually monitor?

  • Brand, product, and company mentions
  • Hashtags that are medical, disease, pharma related
  • Pharmaceutical news
  • Conference updates
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Customer Service (for example @GSK_ResponseCTR)
  • Drug Adverse events

Is there a difference between listening and understanding?

  • Think of it less of a big brother and more about understanding brand perception
  • Listening allows for understanding valuable business insights
  • Listening allows for understanding and uncovering trends
  • Listening allows for understanding views of patients, healthcare professional, and consumers
  • Listening also can enhance online engagement, which is what social media is all about

Outcomes of social media listening?

  • Can identify demographics of reach on different social media platforms
  • Can identify most effective platform, time and format for content
  • Can identify the characteristics of a customer
  • Can identify online behaviors and patient journey

All right the elephant in the room, is it all ethical?

  • All social media platforms have a set of Terms and Conditions that detail their data protection regulations
  • Data that is analyzed is aggregated, users kept anonymous, mostly numbers, statistics, but no names
  • Platforms and uses evolve, so regulations need to be updated: EU Laws GDPR May 25, 2018