the #pharma marketing department of the future

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The traditional #pharma foundations of marketing are changing. So what should #pharma be incorporating as part of a forward looking marketing department. 

incorporate user generated content

  • it helps you to understand your audience
  • messages come from real people not brands
  • you are not marketing to them you are marketing with them
  • it is more trustworthy – people trust people

seize the opportunity

  • still an excellent example

focus more on engagement

  • remember social media is a two way conversation
  • it is all about relationship building
  • makes you a thought leader 
  • it helps to build trust

have a content strategy in place

  • brand and overall company should be aligned
  • content is what people are looking for in their decision process
  • through your content you can express your thought leadership
  • it is your roadmap towards creating thoughtful, useful, and relevant content

should be creating online communities

  • work with influencers to create a community
  • communities are created through engagement
  • communities allow you to reach a broader audience
  • communities create a sense of belonging