the power of the 24/7 news cycle, what does it mean for #pharma

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

The fast paced news cycle for a #pharma traditional old fashioned organization, can be a challenge. So what does it mean for #pharma?

it means people turn to social media for trending news

  • people are getting their news from social media
  • people are scanning their news feeds
  • people are looking for what is trending
  • people are looking for trending hashtags
  • you don’t control the message anymore
  • you are not the gatekeeper anymore

it means you need to capture attention with informative and useful content

  • people are scanning the headlines – no one reads full articles anymore
  • people are looking at photos
  • produce content that people will read, share and comment on
  • you are competing for content attention
  • ask yourself is your content relevant to my readers
  • ask yourself, would I stop to read my content

it means you have to stay relevant on social media

  • traditional ads don’t work anymore
  • try experimenting with different platforms
  • try experimenting user generated content (UGC)
  • remember to always stay authentic
  • be willing to be flexible, news feeds are constantly changing

it means you have to spot opportunities

  • are you monitoring social media platforms
  • do you have a social media team in place in house
  • do you respond rapidly – long internal sign off is long gone
  • are you staying up to speed on current events

it means you better have in place a crisis communication/management

  • how will you tackle social media mistakes
  • if wrong know how to humbly admit to the mistake
  • ask for feedback
  • be transparent