the times #pharma got it right in 2018

Coming towards the end of the 2018 and #pharma has come a long way to getting better on social media. I have identified 5 key areas where #pharma has matured.

#pharma CEOs on Twitter

  • Axel Steiger @axel_steiger CEO @Bayer
  • Brent Saunders @brentlsaunders Chairman & CEO @Allergan
  • Omar Ishrak @MedtronicCEO Medtronic Chairman and CEO

Leaders @Sanofi did not sit back, they took action

@Sanofi tweeted after Roseanne Barr blamed the drug for her series of racist tweets

#pharma was caught in the midst of cyberbullying

  • On March 29, 2018 we witnessed another round of online cyberbullying. This time #pharma was caught in the whirlwind
  • Your stated values need to match your actions online

GSK twitter response handle

  • GSK Response Center on Twitter (@GSK_ResponseCtr) is setting an excellent example

#pharma experimenting with Instagram and much improved compared to a year ago