what does social media advertising look like for #bigpharma

Ok, so social media was born to be social and not for advertising. But many companies are using social media for social media advertising, that is paid content on a social media platform. What should social media advertising look like for #bigpharma?

What are some of the benefits of social media advertising?

Some important factors to keep in mind of social media advertising?

  • Select carefully your social media platform – do the demographics match your message
  • On which social media platform is my audience
  • Which social media platform is your audience most engaged
  • Always be testing and watch for different ad formats on each platform
  • Balance advertising with organic, not paid, content
  • Design ads with mobile in mind

How do you measure social media advertising?

  • Track which posts resonate better with your audience
  • Are you measuring impressions or engagement
  • Track the ads being clicked, liked, shared or commented

Developing a social media advertising strategy?

  • Don’t run the same ad on different platforms – different platforms different formats
  • On tv repeating the same ad works whereas on social media fresh and engaging advertising works
  • Build company brand awareness by teaching and informing people
  • Have a budget in place
  • Don’t forget mobile

So what does social media advertising look like for #bigpharma?

  • Less traditional advertising ads and more original content
  • More on science, research, patient needs, clinical trials, disease awareness
  • More social media employee advocates, this is the best promotion for any organization
  • More live streaming on disease awareness and research
  • If you are patient-centric and going beyond the pill, then embrace social media platforms for real-time customer service, for example, GSK Response Center @GSK_ResponseCtr