what #pharma needs to do better in 2019


  • Social media is all about online conversations
  • Produce content that will start conversations
  • Respond when brought into a conversation


  • Be creative with content
  • Create content that will engage with your audience
  • Create content that is informative
  • Create content that is inspiring
  • Create content that is fun
  • Work with your online community to create content

Employee advocacy

  • Leverage your employees as social media influencers
  • It makes your company human
  • It also enables you to reach a broader and diverse audience

Pay attention to what is happening in the tech industry and in social media platform companies

  • After Cambridge Analytica scandal there will be more scrutiny
  • After Facebook privacy scandal social media platforms can lose trust from users and cause people to abandon certain social media platforms

Pay attention to political issues – anyone or any organization can find themselves in becoming part of political and social issues

  • Cannot stand on the sidelines anymore
  • Companies are being held accountable for their business practices
  • Companies need to match their values to their actions
  • Public view and public opinion are being heard